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We Protect It


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The A-Pro Inspection Advantage

For the buyer:

120-day home buyer's guarantee--*FREE

For the seller:

120-day home seller's guarantee--*FREE

Exactly What's Covered Under A-Pro's 120-Day Guarantee?

Mechanical*: Water Heater

Faucets and Spigots

Gas Lines

Drain Line


Main Service Panel



Electrical Receptacles


Garage Door Opener

Built-Ins*: Cooktop and Oven

Microwave Oven

Attic Fan

Central Heating


Trash Compactor

Garbage Disposal

Central Air Conditioning

Structural: Foundation

Floor Joist

Structural Framing

Load Bearing

Exterior Walls

Interior Walls

Garage Door


Roof: Roof Structure Roof Covering Repair
The A-Pro Guarantee Promise:

~All claims will be honored from date of inspection, unlike many "guarantees" that deny claims for a specified period of time.

~No "pre-existing condition" clauses, which can result in confusion, disputes and denied claims. Simply put, our home inspection report serves as the basis for all claims. If you A-PRO inspector doesn't mention a pre existing condition in the report, our guarantee ensures the repair will be performed at our expense. If we pass it. We protect it. Period.

~Unlike other inspection services, A-PRO allows you to choose your own repair persons in case of a claim. Our inspectors are never involved in repairs, ensuring 100% unbiased reporting

~Most A-PRO claims are handled in two weeks or less by a personally assigned claims manager. One number to call; one person to speak to--day or night.

Why pay for an opinion, when you can pay for protection?


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